Johnny West


The price of oil: It's bad news for the Middle East

Higher oil production in the US coupled with conservation could spell trouble for petrodollar-dependent countries.


Could al-Qaeda have helped Yemen kick its oil habit?

Yemen may very well have been much better off had they kept their oil untapped.

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How to end fossil fuel subsidies without hurting the poor

Carbon emissions could be cut by as much as 10 per cent by 2050 if all subsidies on fossil fuels were removed.

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The corporate scramble for Africa

If it continues to be business as usual in Africa, it could set the stage for Resource Conflict 2.0.

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How 150 million people went missing in India

Media coverage of the blackouts paid little attention to the millions of Indians who were not on the grid to begin with.

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Iraq's global oil plans and local power cuts

This summer, an unknown number of Iraqis will die from avoidable heat-related deaths.

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The IMF and oil: It's the politics, stupid

Producer nations should take serious steps to mitigate against volatility and economic disparity among their citizens.


What the IMF should say and think about the global oil industry

In over 50 countries, local production in the oil extractive industries plays a major role in politics and the economy.