John Zada


Fighting to save the last of Canada's giant trees

A century of commercial logging has placed primeval forests, and their thriving ecosystems, on the cusp of extinction.

US & Canada

Canadian First Nation cleans up latest fuel spill mess

Fuel spill in Canada's Great Bear Rainforest adds to pressure to cut fuel transport lines on Pacific Coast.


Route 138: Saving Quebec's 'forgotten people'

A historic region on Canada's Atlantic coast pins its hopes for survival on a missing road link to the outside world.

War & Conflict

Here comes the Apocalypse, let's tweet

Most people don't appreciate - or even care - that we may be barrelling towards extinction.

War & Conflict

Who to blame for ISIL

All events collude and meld into all others; laying the blame on one actor or one event is simply a bias.

Wild Animals

Killing Canada's grizzly bears

Aboriginal Canadians and conservationists vow to end trophy hunt in British Columbia's Great Bear Rainforest.

Human Rights

Canadians learn about tyranny

After 10 years of Stephen Harper, many Canadians can better empathise with those living under the rule of fear.


The lost forests of the Middle East

Environmental problems across the Middle East contrast harshly with a forgotten past.


Fanaticism's antidote: 'The Sufis'

The 50th anniversary of 'The Sufis' comes at a time of great disorder and confusion in the world - c


Israel's self-fulfilling prophecy on Iran

Another round of Middle East confrontation involving Israel may kick-start after the latest IAEA report.