John V. Whitbeck


Israel-Palestine: Europe should atone for its sins

European countries must own up to their responsibilities and help advance a solution to the Palestine-Israel conflict.


Netanyahu's 'destruction of Israel' mantra

It's time Western mainstream media ceases to recycle the Israeli PM's destructive propaganda.


Palestine: Give democracy a chance, a response to Danny Danon

It is not a "Palestinian problem" but a "Zionism problem", and peace requires an intellectual transformation.


Will Europe produce Israeli-Palestinian peace?

EU has the potential to play a crucial role in ending the occupation in the best interests of Israelis and Palestinians.


Success requires consequences for failure

Time constraints that lapse resulting in consequences for Israel could help push along a decadent peace process.


Palestine and the ICC

If the ICC would have jurisdiction only over future war crimes, who could argue against Palestinian membership?


Partitioning the "two-state solution"

Semantic acceptance of the term 'State of Palestine' is of fundamental importance to the peace process, writes author.


The 'State of Palestine' exists

While the PLO will continue to represent all Palestinians, those living in the state will get new Palestinian passports.

US & Canada

The world has spoken

Despite the nine countries that voted "no" against Palestine in the UN, it is clear the majority of the world disagrees.


An open letter to President Abbas

Read an open letter to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas from a lawyer who advised the Palestinian negotiating team.


Words matter: A new language for peace

Israel's propaganda machine carefully chooses its words to assert illegal ownership over Jerusalem and Palestine.


America's dangerous game at the UN

The United States is faced with playing a hazardous game in the UN with the vote on Palestinian membership.