John Stoehr


Dear President Obama, please stop being so reasonable

In the fight over guns, we need a president willing to pull the trigger.


We need gun laws that address the whole problem, not part

The US needs gun laws to address the whole problem, anything less is like profaning the memory of the dead.


The truth about Mitt Romney

Romney's disastrous trip overseas revealed little more than the ugly truth about himself.


The gun debate needs more politics, less ethics

After of the Aurora massacre, some liberal commentators wrongly blamed US culture for gun violence.

Business & Economy

Small business job creation nonsense

Will taxing the rich help create more jobs and save the economy?


Mitt Romney's health care dilemma

Because of the Republicans' rightward lurch, the candidate can't take credit for his biggest achievement as governor.


'Obamacare': A tax that's good for you

The Supreme Court's ruling may have saved the president's re-election hopes, but has wider implications for commerce.


Sink the ship to drown the captain

Republicans are opposing economic stimulus such as food stamps to boost the chance that Obama loses, says author.


Liberalism reclaimed

In redefining political debate, Elizabeth Warren takes on the very idea of how the government should work.

US & Canada

Jonah Goldberg on US 2012: Youth of the nation too stupid to vote

Authoritarian and intolerant speech has been breaking taboos by slowly creeping into the Conservative lexicon.

Business & Economy

Is income inequality stalling the US economy?

Evidence suggests investments in infrastructure would boost the economy, but the rich don't need infrastructure.


Liberals must talk about God and country with heart

A growing consensus agrees the GOP is too radical to be taken seriously - this is the time to reclaim the rhetoric.