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Honduras 'most dangerous country' for environmentalists

Global Witness says more than 120 activists killed since 2010 while trying to protect their rivers, forests or land.

Human Rights

Central American mothers search for their missing sons

An annual pilgrimage in which the relatives of the missing follow the steps of their loved ones through Mexico.

Human Rights

Mexico City's Church of Reconciliation home for LGBT

Although most Catholic Mexicans remain conservative, many are becoming more accepting of the LGBT community.


The faces of the Venezuelan crisis

From desperate mothers trying to save their children to farmers living in fear, we examine the human toll of the crisis.

Latin America

A portrait of a people smuggler

For the cartel and the smuggler, there is an unmovable bottom line: the migrants are merchandise, to be profited from one way or the other.

Latin America

600 Africans stranded after traveling to Costa Rica

Government warns of a possible looming crisis as it blocks hundreds of people from moving forward en route to US.

Latin America

Personal horrors behind Mexico gang violence

Lack of exposure to civilian narratives is numbing observers' take on devastating conflict.


Another year, another major oil spill in Peru

The 20th leak in just five years from a pipeline owned by state oil firm leaves indigenous communities distrustful.

Oil spill

Peru declares emergency after oil spill hits rivers

Communities told not to eat fish after pipeline burst pours 3,000 barrels of crude oil into Chiriaco and Morona Rivers.

Latin America

Portrait of a people smuggler

Meet the man who leads Central American migrants through a lethal gauntlet as they attempt to reach the US.

Latin America

Coca Cola's Mexico ad sparks heated debate

Indigenous people featured in video disappointed as commercial criticised for "humiliating" Mixe people was taken down.


Mexico brings ancient sport to World Indigenous Games

Uarhukua, a hard-hitting ball game that looks like an ancestor of street hockey, is growing in popularity.