John Esposito


The questionable trial of Anwar Ibrahim

In just the last two months, nearly two dozen activists have been charged under Malaysia's archaic.


Egypt: A new banana republic?

The military-led removal of Mohamed Morsi belies free and fair elections, rule of law and human rights.


Living in denial: US policy & Egypt’s military coup

The US must acknowledge that the overthrow of an elected government, replaced by military-appointed officials, is a coup.


Romney's approach to foreign policy: 'Deja vu all over again?'

Romney just doesn't understand how foreign policy works.


Domestic and foreign extremists behind the Cairo and Libya attacks

Religious extremists exploit underlying East-West animosity, fomenting mob violence for their own political ends.

US & Canada

Terror in Oak Creek, another wake up call for US

Racist and vitriolic "us and them" language feeds a culture war that increasingly targets immigrants and non-whites.


Netanyahu confronts the new Middle East

Israel's intransigence on the flotilla killings will further isolate the country in the international community.