Jim Lobe


Muslim 'terror threat' belied by numbers

In recent years, the threat of terrorism by Muslim Americans has been exaggerated by US officials, a new study shows.


Less counter-insurgency, more Asia

President Obama's new defence strategy focuses on reducing military spending while turning attention eastwards.


'Israel's advocate' to leave White House

Dennis Ross, Obama's strongly pro-Israel Middle East aide, will leave his post for a position in pro-Israel think tank.


Cuba plans deep-water oil drilling

Anti-Castro Cuban Americans and right-wing lawmakers are exasperated over Washington's failure to stop the exploration.


US House okays sweeping new sanctions on Iran

Congressional committee passes two new bills toughening sanctions, as speculation of an Israeli attack on Iran grows.


US halts UNESCO funding

As the UN cultural body admits Palestine as a full member, the US decides to halt funding to the group.


Obama: Full Iraq withdrawal by Christmas

Right-wing politicians are lambasting Obama for his decision to withdraw all troops from Iraq by the end of 2011.


Obama sends military advisors to Uganda

US president approves new 'humanitarian intervention' in several African countries to tackle the Lord's Resistence Army.

Business & Economy

Bill Gates to support 'Robin Hood' tax

The wealthiest man in the US has put his support behind a tax targeting the wealthy which would be given to the poor.


Military hawks upset with debt deal

Neoconservatives, such as William Kristol and John Bolton, are worried about looming military spending cuts.

US & Canada

Islamophobes distance themselves from Breivik

As the media discovers more about the man behind the Norway attacks, connections to outspoken US Islamophobes are found.


US standing plunges across the Arab world

Favourable attitudes have fallen nine per cent over the past two years in key Middle Eastern countries, new survey says.