Jillian C. York

Jillian C York is a writer and activist whose work focuses on the intersection of technology and politics.


Viral Syndrome: The welcome future of journalism

Virality empowered Tahrir Square, Ferguson, and more.


Internet freedom in Myanmar: A curse or an opportunity?

With Myanmar's recently acquired internet freedom, questions arise about hate speech and incitement to violence online.


Silencing journalists: An alarming global trend

It's increasingly common for governments to use terrorism charges and national security laws to silence opposing voices.

US & Canada

The chilling effects of surveillance

Mass surveillance without due process threatens to stifle and smother dissent, keeping a populace cowed by fear.

Arts & Culture

When regulating the news becomes censorship

Requiring licenses for websites gives governments a license to censor.

Science & Technology

How social network policies are changing speech and privacy norms

Is the proprietary nature of online speech poised to change cultural norms?

Science & Technology

Transparency report from Microsoft follows open letter from rights groups

Microsoft's efforts to be transparent are only part of the solution to a growing problem.


Make fun of Mahmoud Abbas at your peril

Palestine must not only focus on ending Israel's human rights abuses, but also its own, writes author.

Science & Technology

Stolen identities: Manti Te'o, Facebook, and internet privacy

Even though social media sites have privacy settings, serious online identity theft is commonplace across the US.

Arts & Culture

The new vanguard of journalism and transparency

The recently established Freedom of the Press Foundation seeks to promote independent, ethical journalism.


Multi-stakeholder approach to internet governance

Civil society groups and web companies have joined together in opposing "takeover of internet governance" by the ITU.


Gaza unplugged?

Looming over the shadow of a threat to disconnect the internet in Gaza, Israel is waging an outright propaganda war.