Jeffrey Sachs


A Rio report card

The treaties signed at the first Rio summit failed - and it's up to our generation to make amends, says economist.

US & Canada

Breakthrough leadership for the World Bank

Obama's nomination signals that it's time for a development professional to lead the organisation.

Business & Economy

A World Bank for a new world

The World Bank requires a president that understands development and sustainability, not another Wall Street banker.


Sustainable humanity: Need of the hour

Sustainable development has the potential to address fundamental challenges for humanity, now and into the future.


The power of living in truth

Vaclav Havel, who died this month, led the charge for truth and freedom from the repression of the former Soviet Union.


Services without tears

The ICT revolution can provide means to achieve holistic healthcare in new and powerful ways.


Globalisation's government

Globalisation effects all corners of the world, yet requires more government control, not less, says writer.

US & Canada

The economics of happiness

In Bhutan, national policy emphasises increasing people's happiness, rather than income.


Famine and hope in the Horn of Africa

Artificial political boundaries, global warming, and high fertility rates are worsening famine in the Horn of Africa.


Ban Ki-moon: The age of development

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's reelection proves his continuous efforts in the UN, and the many hopes that lie ahead.

US & Canada

A world of regions

Recent events in the Middle East and Central Asia reflect the decline of US dominance and influence.

Business & Economy

The global economy's corporate crime wave

Advanced economies with "good governance" are facing alarming incidents of business corruption at the highest levels.