Javed Iqbal


India's Dalits demand freedom from caste discrimination

Massive protests in Gujarat state after cow vigilantes assault members of Dalit community for skinning a dead bovine.

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Chaityabhoomi: A celebration of Dalit identity

Tens of thousands of Dalits congregate for one of India's most progressive cultural events in the city of Mumbai.


Homeless fight for their rights in India's Mumbai

Police resort to violence against slum dwellers who demand return to their homes demolished by authorities a decade ago.

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The forgotten riots of Bhagalpur

Twenty five years on, survivors of riots in India's Bihar state still await justice as many of culprits roam free.


An end to an unending war in India

After years of bloodshed, India's Supreme Court bans arming militia in Chhattisgarh - but the state may not comply.