Jaswant Singh


The lynchpin of Asia

Realpolitik, economic interests, ideals and the quest for freedom will shape the great game playing out in Myanmar.


Present at the Asian creation

As Obama vows to move the US' focus East, powerful nations begin to stake out their territory in the region.


A South Asian grand bargain

India and the US have direct, yet different, interests in restoring peace and order to the regional neighbourhood.

US & Canada

Asia's colliding giants

Tensions are growing in the South China sea, where India, China and other countries have spared over drilling rights.


India's wounded state

India's nationhood has been weakened since the anti-corruption protests took place, and it must now reshape itself.

Business & Economy

Asia's BRICs hit the wall

Despite their recent success, China and India may soon face some economic difficulties.


The Osama opening

Despite Osama's elimination by US commandos, the US has a unique opportunity to correct the balance in the region.


India's nuclear conundrum

India must deal with its increasing energy demands whilst also recognising the post-Fukushima "panic transference".


India: A corrupt dynasty or democracy?

India's former finance minister says "dynasticism" played a leading role in fostering culture of political corruption.


And free flows the Nile

India's former foreign minister hopes military rule in Egypt will only be a temporary measure.