Jan Douwe Keulen


The bailout deal: A true Greek tragedy

The eurozone crisis has revealed profoundly different national narratives and a striking European democratic deficit.


Germany: Damned if it leads, damned if it doesn't

Merkel's role in the diplomatic frenzy over Ukraine creates a new political reality in Europe.


Is it time for an alternate media narrative?

When Russia, China and the Arab world claim their rightful place in the global media landscape.


Who is a German?

Anti-Islam rallies are haunting Germany and the need to define a new concept of 'German-ness'.


Putin, the Dutch are no longer smiling

The MH17 tragedy has outraged the Dutch, inevitably affecting relations with Russia.


The call for a third Spanish republic

What will become of Spain's monarchy after the king's abdication?


Less Europe, less immigration?

EU politicians are using the issue of immigration for political gains at the upcoming EU elections.

Arts & Culture

Can free speech be counter-productive?

Professional journalism must take centre stage in our attempts to create a better world.