James Reinl

United States

Iraqi detainees launch case to halt deportation from US

More than 100 Iraqi Christians rounded up in the United States over the past week to be sent back amid safety fears.


Cuban Americans warily await Trump's policy rethink

President Trump will visit Miami as early as Friday and may announce a rollback of Obama's detente with the island.


US-based Haitians fear clock ticking on their stay

On Wednesday, US and Haitian officials discussed repatriating 58,000 Haitians who moved to US after 2010 earthquake.

Human Rights

Could Syria's 'prosecutor without a tribunal' work?

A new UN office is starting to support prosecutions of those responsible for atrocities in Syria, but there is a catch.


Chelsea Manning's release: Life beyond whistle-blowing

As the whistle-blower prepares to leave prison, her lawyer and advocates discuss what awaits her now.

Human Rights

Ex-inmates hail plan to close Rikers Island prison

We explore the dark history of the New York prison and ask if it is a symbol of racially biased mass incarceration.

US-Mexico border

Undocumented migrants await Trump's next move

Cafes, churches and playing fields are quieter than usual, as undocumented immigrants lay low amid the crackdown

Native Americans

Will the real Pocahontas please stand up?

Four hundred years after her death, Native American descendants of Pocahontas reflect on a troubled history and legacy.


Americans split over replacing Obamacare

The United States is once again debating how to pay for healthcare coverage, though a breakthrough is unlikely.

Donald Trump

Trump's first week: Executive overdrive

As of Thursday, the new US administration had signed 13 executive actions on business, trade and immigration.

Donald Trump

The seven biggest threats to Donald Trump's presidency

The mass of protesters converging for Trump's inauguration are not his only headache.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama: So long, and thanks for all the speeches

As Barack Obama prepares to leave White House, Americans and the world reflect on his best and worst moments in office.