Jagdish Bhagwati

US & Canada

The brain-drain panic returns

The outflow of skilled people from Africa to developed countries is worrying, but are there opportunities within Africa?


Deadlock in Durban

Without practical expectations and penalties for countries who don't comply, the Convention on Climate Change will fail.

Business & Economy

Does redistributing income reduce poverty?

Despite India achieving a high growth rate, much of its economic success is not reaching many of its poorest.


America's free-trade abdication

To the detriment of the US, Obama is no longer pushing for multilateral free trade agreements.

Business & Economy

The outsourcing bogeyman

Outsourcing benefits all countries by focusing on competitive advantage, but many politicians do not understand this.


The too-quiet American

Obama's strict stance on US exports may be hurting the economy more than helping.

Business & Economy

Why free trade matters

Free trade has an economic and moral case - as it promotes not just prosperity, but also peace.

US & Canada

Life without Doha: No more negotiations

The World Trade Organisation needs to move towards a conclusive deal in order to improve global commerce.

US & Canada

The Doha Round's premature obituary

The Doha Round and World Trade Organisation need countries to maintain their membership and trade negotiations.


Grameen vs Bangladesh

The pedestal Mohammed Yunis sits on while Sheikh Hasina is being ostracized abroad needs to be re-examined.


Sealing Doha Round is a must for global trade

If negotiations on international trade fail, it could lead to significant economic losses across the world.