Ian Lloyd Neubauer

Asia Pacific

Australia's Pauline Hanson wins on anti-Islam ticket

The right-wing politician and her One Nation Party have been voted into Australia's senate.


Fuel emergency hamstrings tourism in Nepal

As the Himalayan nation recovers from a devastating quake, tourism has been hit by another crisis: fuel shortages.

Wild Animals

Australia: The dilemma over taking out 'rogue' sharks

Calls grow for a controversial cull after an unprecedented number of shark attacks over the past year.


Child sex abuse and Australia's institutions

Royal Commission examines accusations that ultra-Orthodox Jewish schools covered up systemic child abuse for decades.

Human Rights

Australian court upholds refugee imprisonment at sea

No safe haven for those seeking refuge in Australia, as court upholds policy of detention on the high seas.

Science & Technology

Shark sightings raise alarm on Aussie beach

Great white activity off famous Bondi Beach had beach-goers scrambling out of the water, but experts say don't panic.

Business & Economy

Sri Lanka's grand tourism plan faces hurdles

South Asian island nation sets ambitious target of 2.5 million arrivals by 2016 but infrastructure a major concern.


Can social media prevent shark attacks?

Australian public and private groups are testing environmentally friendly shark-attack mitigation technologies.


Australia artist evokes Hazara persecution

A new exhibit connects an ancient Persian poem with a bombing that affected the artist's family.


Diagnosing Australia's indigenous health gap

Some experts argue for a cultural approach to health spending in light of high costs and poor outcomes.

US & Canada

Surf’s up in impoverished Papua New Guinea

Foreign surfers are flocking but some locals resent efforts to modernise its beaches.


Australian artist frames Afghan war

Upcoming exhibition by artist gives rare insight into experiences of country's troops in the theatre of war.