Ian Buruma


Chinese shadows

Could the fall of disgraced party leader Bo Xilai lead to a more open society, less hostile to dissident voices?


A new idea of truth

Quality journalism has suffered as the internet allows individuals to select 'truth' based on their prejudices.


The US in a 'dangerous state of funk'

Much political rhetoric, and a spate of new books, would have us believe that the US is in a dangerous state of funk.


Is the European dream over?

Europe's current crisis stems from a lack of cross-border solidarity or any sense of belonging in the supra-national EU.


Obama's Israel problem

What is it about Israel that causes the American president and politicians to be afraid of criticising Israeli policies?


The crimes of Ratko Mladic

Difficult questions are raised by the charges against Mladic - genocide or ethnic cleansing? And why does it matter?


Japan's political tremors

A potential breakdown of public trust in government officials could lead to widespread regression in democratic reform.


Obama gets it right

Obama's seeming inaction over the protests sweeping the Middle East is exactly what he needs to do - that is, nothing.


Where are the Islamists?

The West must accept the results of elections if it wants to avoid marginalisation and radicalisation of opposing views.