Hugh Macleod and Annasofie Flamand


Syria's opposition: Transition and division

The formation of a Libyan-style NTC in Turkey has not united fractured opposition groups inside and outside of Syria.

Syria's Civil War

Horrors in Hama

A trainee doctor tells of the bloodshed he witnessed during the Syrian army's siege of the city of Hama.


Hama's rise is regime's recurring nightmare

Nearly 30 years after a massacre in the Syrian city, the ghosts of Hama have come back to haunt the Assad regime.

Syria's Civil War

Seeing Syria through the sniper's sights

"Being told to kill peaceful civilians is the most brutal thing that ever happened to me," says defected former sniper.


Aleppo: Syria's sleeping giant stirs

As the uprising enters its fourth month, Syria's second city is becoming increasingly unsettled.