Hisham Aidi


War of words escalates as Moroccans go to vote

Islamist party facing strong challenge from new party.


Why Colombians opposed the peace deal with FARC

The outcome of the referendum on the peace accord may be shocking but it is largely a result of domestic politics.

War & Conflict

Spain: Searching for Garcia Lorca

Will finding controversial poet's final resting place help Spain reconcile with its tragic past?

Human Rights

Morocco: 'Neither slave, nor negro'

Moroccan NGOs launch anti-racism campaign to push authorities into addressing plight of migrants.


France debates the N-word

French minister's "slip of the tongue" unleashes torrent of discussions over race and diversity in France.


Memo to Sisi: Don't forget Nubia, Mr President

Will the surge of Nubian activism in Egypt, Sudan and diaspora communities lead to a rebellion?

Human Rights

Algeria's Berbers cautiously optimistic about reforms

The issue of what language best expresses the identity of modern Algeria is decades old.

Human Rights

Beyonce's voice matters

Within moments the #BoycottBeyonce kicked off and exposed the divisions of race in the US.

Human Rights

Latino Muslims are part of US religious landscape

By embracing Islam, Hispanics are reclaiming the history of Al-Andalus, stripped from them by slavery and imperialism.


Tunisia's long road ahead

Tunisia's political transition may have been skillfully orchestrated - but economic policy has not been as prudent.

Poverty & Development

What's left of the Latin American left?

Protests against corruption and the electoral shifts point to a region that has consolidated democratic governance.

Arts & Culture

Can Bollywood stop extremism?

There is little evidence that US or Indian efforts to use Bollywood actually turn youth away from extremism.