Hillary Mann Leverett

Hillary Mann Leverett is the CEO of the political risk consultancy STRATEGA. She served in the US National Security Council and State Department under Presidents George Herbert Walker Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W Bush. She is co-author of Going to Tehran: Why America Must Accept the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Donald Trump

Why Trump's foreign policy is dangerous

Trump's defiance of orthodox US foreign policy isn't dangerous. Rather it's his failure to form a coherent alternative.


Gaza's crisis, Israeli ambition, and US decline

The US should stop enabling Israel's unfettered freedom of military initiative.


The US and the Arab Awakening: Deja vu?

The Arab revolutions have not changed foreign policy-making in Washington.


Rouhani's inauguration and the West's strategic suicide

The West is miscalculating Rohani and fail to understand the system that governs Iranian politics and policy-making.


Rouhani won the Iranian election. Get over it.

The former chief nuclear negotiator's skill at forging coalitions was key to his victory in Iran's presidential race.


Consequences of western intransigence in nuclear diplomacy with Iran

As long as Washington refuses to recognise Iran's right to enrich, no substantial agreement will be possible.


The Iranian nuclear issue and the future of international order

The continuing deadlock with Iran over its nuclear programme is due to a unipolar vision of world order.


Obama and America’s “Imperial Temptation” in the Middle East

President Obama is replicating the self-damaging policies of his predecessors in a region vital to US interests.


Obama's choice: Real diplomacy (or war) with Iran

Obama must treat Iranian interests seriously if there is to be a diplomatic solution to Iran's uranium enrichment.


The coming collapse of Iran sanctions

Imposing secondary sanctions on non-US entities transacting with Iran could backfire on Washington if implemented.


Obama's second inaugural and America's foreign policy challenges

If Obama's second inaugural address goes the same path as the first, expect nothing new from our foreign policy.