Harvey Young


The challenges of talking about race

It's only by talking openly about race that its ill effects, stereotypes, and assumptions will eventually go away.


Putting a pope out to pasture

The Catholic Church cannot survive having more than one person who claims to be and is recognised as the pope.


Why we won't stop global warming

Unless our short- and long-term interests align, it's unlikely that we'll ever do anything about climate change.


The undecided voter: Four profiles of indecision

Undecided voters have the power to re-elect Obama or to elevate Romney to the highest office in the land, writes Young.

US & Canada

Lance Armstrong: A cheater? Five reasons why we don't care

We live in a society that rewards winners and encourages people to do whatever it takes to win, writes Young.

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Is Obama still black?

Barack Obama, to many, is not "as noticeably" or, perhaps, "meaningfully black as he once was", writes Young.

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'Good white folks': Putting 'The Help' in context

The movie 'The Help' recalls the painful reality and limited options faced by many African American women in the past.