Harrison Akins


No place for Islam? Buddhist nationalism in Myanmar

The continued violence against the broader Muslim community stains any democratic reforms in a country, writes author.


The spectre of fascism in Greece

The xenophobic, ultranationalist Golden Dawn party is gaining clout in the birthplace of democracy.


Making enemies in Yemen

Drone strikes have a ripple effect beyond those killed - they create enemies where they did not exist before.


Waziristan: 'The most dangerous place in the world'

Finding peace and securing stability in the Tribal Areas should be the first priority for the newly elected government.


Eritrea and its refugee crisis

The current dismal state of affairs in Eritrea is due to nearly 30 years of constant warfare.


The plight of the Rif: Morocco's restive northern periphery

The unrest in the Rif is based in the tumultuous history of Rifians as a battered people on Morocco's northern periphery


Nigeria in flames: Breaking the cycle of revenge

Nigeria should respect the Fulani's traditional culture and give them their full human and civil rights as citizens.


Aceh elections and the fragility of peace

With a fragile peace under threat, Indonesia's Aceh Province votes on Monday.


Waiting for the Arab Spring in Western Sahara

For 36 years, refugees from the Western Sahara have been waiting to return home.


Restoring harmony between Bangkok and the Malay Muslims of South Thailand

Peace can only come to South Thailand if freedoms and human rights are extended to all the country's citizens.


No Arab Spring for Egypt's Bedouin

Bedouin tribesman are increasingly marginalised by Egypt's central government and the growing tourism industry in Sinai.