Hanine Hassan

War & Conflict

Why are the Dutch funding settlers in Palestine?

Dutch ministers don't seem to mind bending the laws to incorporate territory to Israel that does not belong to it.


Europe's contribution to Israeli colonialism

Europeans and other Westerners are blindly complicit in the physical and metaphorical erasure of the Palestinians.

Gaza: After the war

Analysis: The spirit of Gaza

A year after the war, nothing has changed for Palestinians in Gaza except the rising amount of destruction.

War & Conflict

Israel's deadly ceasefire game

Israel purposefully protracted the ceasefire negotiations to inflict more destruction on Gaza.


Fighting jihad for Israel

Foreign fighters drawn from Europe and the US contribute to Israel's military occupation of the Palestinian territories.


Open Gaza's seaport, end the blockade

Opening Gaza's seaport can provide Palestinians humiliation-free access to the world.