Haidar Eid


Gaza, the Goy!

How many more wars and devastation will it take to end Israeli apartheid?


The rape of Gaza

Gaza has turned from the world's biggest concentration camp to the world's biggest graveyard.

US & Canada

Diary of an Israeli war

A day in Gaza under Israeli attack.


Under lockdown, Palestinians in Gaza fear the worst

Egypt's military regime is serving up more of the same for Gazans: demonisation, harassment and deportation.


The Oslo Accords: A critique

The Oslo Accords have failed by every measure, simply because they ignored the existence of Palestinians as a people.


Gaza 2012!

Although the situation in Gaza now is eerily similar to almost 4 years ago, the difference is there's no more Mubarak.


No to PLC elections under policies of occupation

PNC polls can bring the Palestinians closer to self-determination, while restoring their legitimate right to resistance.


Declaration of a Bantustan in Palestine

If the PLO's UN statehood bid succeeds, it will lead to increased Israeli control, not real independence.