Gregory Michener

Latin America

Can Brazil buck the Latin American trend?

If Brazil is to avoid “cycling downwards” like other Latin American countries, political reform must move forward.

Business & Economy

Brazil: Nanny nation

The basis of economic growth that raised Brazil's living standards is now deteriorating, writes Michener.

Latin America

Tax transparency in Brazil legislation

A new transparency law aims to inform Brazilian citizens about how their tax money is being spent.

Latin America

A rupture with Brazil's culture of cordiality

In Brazil cordiality can be a mark of chivalry, but it can also be a foil for a culture in which conflict is avoided.


Brazil's 'trial of the century'

Thirty-eight defendants are alleged to have laundered money to win votes in Congress.


Brazil's green ambitions

South America's biggest country needs a major overhaul of its transportation and energy systems.


Brazil's great opening?

Although it still has a way to go, Brazil's moves to root out corruption and improve transparency bode well.