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Arts & Culture

Istanbul's Roma share identity through music

Years after Turkish municipal authorities demolished their historic neighbourhood, Roma musicians look to move forward.


Syria's conflict raises Turkey tension

As Syria's civil war escalates along the Turkish border, many in Turkey are questioning the country's involvement.

US & Canada

Turkey: The life of a battered woman

Domestic violence has soared in the past decade, but shelters for abused women remain scarce.


Syria's rising abductions

A spate of kidnappings over the past year adds a new dimension to the devastating civil war.


No country for Syria's IDPs

Grim existence for 4.5 million internally displaced people struggling to survive in the war-torn country.

US & Canada

Kenyan poachers make a killing in ivory

East African ivory and rhino horn continue to be in high demand, despite international efforts.


Mogadishu rebuilds despite uncertain peace

The Somali capital has suffered decades of war and failed governance, but is still looking to its future.


Syrian town begins a return to civilian life

Civil society is beginning to take over from rebels' military life in Azaz, as residents re-establish the rule of law.


Egypt: 'The people want an end of the regime'

Months have passed since Mubarak was ousted, but Egyptians have not united against the remnants of his administration.


Al-Shabab and Somalia's 'far enemy'

Al-Shabab has withdrawn from Mogadishu, but the country is shattered from years of civil war and US military actions.


Sailing to Yemen with human traffickers

Journalist who took the human smuggling voyage from Djibouti to Yemen gives a first-hand account of migrant beatings.