Ghada Karmi

War & Conflict

Freedom of speech and the state of Israel

The best way to end this pro-Israel bullying is to stand up to it - firmly and every time.

Human Rights

The Jewish right of return

European states should welcome and facilitate the return of surviving European Jews and their descen


Palestinians must abandon the 'peace process'

Palestinians should not accept the current peace deal proposed by the US.


The 'long journey' to Palestine

Resolution 194 continues to haunt the Palestinian-Israeli conflict 65 years after it was passed.


The Palestinians' last option: A struggle for equal rights

Palestinians must shed the illusion of the current peace process and at least push for equitable rights.


Obama's Israel visit is an insult to the Palestinians

Obama's visit to Israel endorsed their narrative and was a slap in the face to Palestinians.


Intifada needs international support

The second Intifada that erupted three years ago has attracted much comment, support and criticism. Its victims are many, nearly 3000 Palestinian and 780 Israeli dead, some 30,000 Palest