Gary Wasserman


The empty election of 2012

America's campaigns reflect a political system "fated to neither learn from history nor even remember it".


Obama's Democratic majority coalition

Obama's legacy will be largely dependent on the political movement he leaves behind.


Do political campaigns in the United States matter?

Given the difficult political environment, Democrats this year are forced to believe in the power of campaigns.


Romney: The birth of a salesman

Romney may provide a useful reminder of how the next president can fail, whoever he is, writes author.


The US presidential debates and comparison shopping

Debates are the only time Americans can evaluate the two candidates side by side; to match them up against each other.


Flag burning and free speech

Constitution prevents the US from stopping flag burning, as it is a form of political expression given legal tolerance.


Obama: America's once and future president

Although most say Obama has no chance at a second term, there are many factors on his side that suggest he will win.