Gareth Porter


Why Iran must remain a US enemy

The most important factor in shaping US policy towards Iran is domestic politics - not Obama's own geopolitical vision.


Demonising nuclear Iran

How did a false Iran nuclear narrative come to dominate global politics?


Bulgaria's Hezbollah 'hypothesis' and the EU terror list

The US and Israel continue ignoring the actual evidence in terrorism cases to advance their political interests.


How Netanyahu's bomb Iran ploy failed

Netanyahu will no doubt campaign for re-election at home by demonising Iran as an "existential threat", writes Porter.


Understanding Iran's diplomatic strategy

Iran has been developing nuclear capacities in order to obtain leverage in diplomatic talks with the United States.


Who was behind the Delhi bombing?

The bombing of an Israeli diplomat's car in India isn't consistent with Iranian or Hezbollah involvement.


Can Obama avert war with Iran?

The contradictions of Obama's policy toward Iran went unnoticed in the US, but not in Iran and Israel, writes Porter.

US & Canada

Did the Rabbani hit really kill peace talks?

Rabbani could not offer the Taliban the one condition needed for a peace agreement - the full withdrawal of US troops.


Pakistani military want veto on drone strikes

As US drone strikes continue to take innocent lives, Pakistan's military demand veto power over US decisions.

US & Canada

'Most captured Taliban were civilians'

News agency says US military documents indicate that four in five captured Afghan 'Taliban' were actually civilians.


US-NATO war 'served al-Qaeda strategy'

Slain journalist Syed Saleem Shahzad's book asserts al-Qaeda, unlike the Taliban, wants Western-led wars to continue.


How Afghanistan became a NATO war

Is NATO's role in Afghanistan in the best interest of the nation,or is it simply a boost for NATO's morale?