Frankie Martin


The Oromo and the War on Terror in the Horn of Africa

The Oromo and other long-suffering communities do not want independence but to be treated as citizens of the state.


The Kabyle Berbers, AQIM and the search for peace in Algeria

A heavy-handed solution to the Kabyle in Algeria is doomed to failure and bloodshed, as history has shown.


Saving the lost generation of Kurds

The Kurds must be given full rights and treated as equals if there is to be any hope for future generations.

US & Canada

Putin's challenge: The Circassians and the Winter Olympics

How Putin treats the Circassians and the issue of Sochi will indicate which direction Russia will take.

US & Canada

Understanding the Sanusi of Cyrenaica: How to avoid a civil war in Libya

Emerging from the nightmare of dictatorship, Libya has a new challenge - to fully accommodate its own people.


Deadly drones come to the Muslims of the Philippines

Washington and Manila should work with the Muslims of the Philippines to ensure full rights of identity and development.


Solving Sudan's Nuba crisis

Extending rights to Sudan's minority Nuba population is the only way to solve the country's current crisis, says author.