Francis Wade


Are invisible forces orchestrating Myanmar's anti-Muslim violence?

The military has much to lose from democratic reforms and may be using the bloodshed as a way to reassert control.


Still in the dark on Myanmar’s nuclear ambitions

Thein Sein must come clean on the ambitions of his military to break away from Myanmar's past.


What now for Myanmar's Ministry of Truth?

The free speech discourse in Myanmar is unsurprisingly littered with contradictions, writes Wade.


A bloody year for Southeast Asia's environmentalists

A murky "military-government nexus backed by powerful business forces is behind" silencing environmental movements.


Progress stops at the Myanmar elite's door

Freedom of speech will struggle to flourish in Myanmar as its economic interests are dominated by powerful neighbours.


The shady players in Myanmar's drugs trade

Drug exports from Myanmar continue to escalate, as distinctions between the illicit trade and the 'legal' economy blur.


Aung San Suu Kyi's shaky moral high ground

Suu Kyi's silence on the Rohingya does not necessarily reflect a cold heart, but shows that she has become a politician.


Islamophobia and the fear of 'the other' in Myanmar

Racial tensions are coming to a head in Myanmar between the Buddhist majority and the Muslim Rohingya minority.


India's fight for Myanmar

India is quietly seeking to dilute China's power in the emerging economy.


Myanmar's new battle

The country faces challenges including distributing aid money and limiting the damage of the West's liberalising agenda.


Myanmar's pockmarked road to democracy

Suu Kyi must articulate a roadmap for the future that addresses the pitfalls bound to accompany Myanmar's transition.


Myanmar: Ceasefire does not mean peace

Violence in the border regions have not ended, despite a reported ceasefire between the government and Karen rebels.