Francesca Lessa

Dr Francesca Lessa is a postdoctoral researcher at the Latin American Centre at the University of Oxford, specialising on issues of justice and human rights in Argentina and Uruguay.


Justice at a crossroads in Uruguay

Tabare Vazquez must tackle the unresolved matter of accountability for dictatorship crimes in Uruguay.


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Activists in Uruguay remain hopeful, despite enormous challenges, that justice will be served to dictatorship victims.


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It's time for Uruguay to make the anniversary of the military coup a national day of remembrance.

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'Breaking the wall of impunity' in Uruguay

Uruguayan judges and prosecutors begin to defy the Supreme Court of Justice's closure of human rights investigations.


Justice beyond borders

The Plan Condor trial has reverberations beyond Argentina, offering the opportunity of justice denied to many victims.


Uruguay's culture of impunity continues to rear its head

Judge Mariana Mota's transfer shows that the country's culture of impunity for the crimes of dictatorship still endures.