Fisayo Soyombo

Fisayo Soyombo was the pioneer editor of Nigerian online newspaper TheCable.


Why Buhari will not rid Nigeria of corruption

Nigerian president's war against corruption will yield a betwixt-and-between result: so much action, minimal solution.

Muhammadu Buhari

Muhammadu Buhari's 'inconclusive' medical vacation

Buhari's unclear health situation rings alarm bells for Nigeria's future.

War & Conflict

One year ago, Buhari promised to change Nigeria

No Nigerian leader, democratic or dictatorial, has ever succeeded in delivering socioeconomic prosperity to the masses.

War & Conflict

Boko Haram has lost its fearsomeness

It may be premature to label Boko Haram as defeated but it is surely decimated.

Humanitarian crises

The plunder of West Africa Ebola funds

The much-vaunted rebuilding of livelihoods ruined by Ebola is far from happening.

War & Conflict

They're back: Boko Haram's return under Buhari

In less than three months of Buhari's reign, the gory era of terrorism is back in Nigeria.


How will Nigeria fare under Buhari?

The heart-warming news is that Nigerians will have a government that will be genuinely trying to meet their needs.


South Africans have never really wanted Nigerians

The Nigerian government simply has to make Nigeria more attractive to Nigerians.


Buhari the winner, Jega the hero

Buhari is the first man to overthrow - by the ballot - a sitting Nigerian president.


Goodluck Jonathan hopes it will be 2011 all over again

This may well be Nigeria's closest presidential election ever.


Oluremi Sonaiya: The president Nigeria won't have

Nigerian voters are stuck with the task of settling for the lesser of two evils.

War & Conflict

Nigerians held to ransom

It's not only about the insurgency in Nigeria - it's about how the government has handled it.