Esther Dyson


The rise of the attention economy

People in the attention economy spend their personal time attracting others' attention, notes Dyson.


How do start-ups succeed?

Entrepreneurs need more than capital to establish a successful business: they need living examples, too.


Intelligent urban design

Cities should be places where the best and the brightest congregate and where new wealth is created.

Science & Technology

Is the web closing?

Continued entrepreneurship - such as AOL in the 1990s - always threatens to restrict the internet, but never does.


Russia: Peeling, meeting and shopping

Russia's youth aren't afraid to protest like previous generations, they are fighting government corruption and impunity.


The insider brain gain

Consumers can now access more information than they ever got from "customer service" by chatting online with employees.


Start-up soup

Large companies offer practical business skills, turning college grads into project specialists.

Science & Technology

The Steve Jobs factor

Steve Jobs was the only true showman of what is now one of the world's biggest industries, writes author.

US & Canada

Paying (for) attention

Companies are looking for ways to automate the act of "paying attention" to individual customers on a grand scale.

Science & Technology

What's in a Domain Name?

The Internet's domain-name system is to undergo a dramatic change, the value of which is being questioned by critics.

US & Canada

Putting venture mentors to work

A balance between philanthropists and venture capitalists is needed for a competitive business enivironment.

Science & Technology

Turning privacy threats into opportunities

With online corporations looking to cash in on your data, personal privacy remains as much an issue as ever.