Erika Blumenfeld

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In Pictures: Gulf spill agony

Doctors continue to treat people suffering from acute chemical exposure in aftermath of oil spill and toxic response.

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In Pictures: Gulf seafood woes

Fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico are in the initial phase of collapse, according to scientists.

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In Pictures: Gulf Coast ecosystem in peril

After marine wildlife throughout region were exposed to oil and dispersants, many species experienced mass deaths.

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In pictures: BP's oil disaster, two years on

On the second anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, we look at the devastation wrought upon the Gulf of Mexico.


In Pictures: Oil still 'seeps' in the Gulf

The size and location of an oil seep in the Gulf of Mexico indicates that it could be caused by human activity.


In Pictures: Gulf seafood industry struggling

Over a year after the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, local seafood businesses are closing due to smaller catches.


In Pictures: Lawsuits mount against BP

BP faces a raft of criminal and civil litigation for its role in last year's Gulf of Mexico oil spill.


In Pictures: Sick Gulf residents blame BP

Over a year after the BP oil disaster, many Gulf Coast residents have been reporting serious health problems.

Humanitarian crises

In Pictures: BP oil spill damage continues

Two Louisiana beaches were closed to the public after Tropical Storm Lee uncovered huge tar and oil mats.


In Pictures: Ongoing BP oil leaks in Gulf

Al Jazeera spots a swath of silvery oil sheen near BP's crippled Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico.


Exposing the human side of BP's oil spill

In pictures: Doctors in the Gulf attribute deaths and illnesses to harmful dispersants used in the clean-up effort.


Toxic contamination of the Gulf environment

In pictures: Residents, fishermen and scientists believe that living on the coast is hazardous to their health.