Elizabeth Whitman

Business & Economy

Scavenging for a living in Jordan

Amid Syrian refugee influx, Jordan is facing a conundrum over how to support its own impoverished residents.

Arts & Culture

In Pictures: Syrian food finds Jordanian home

Beloved Syrian ice cream, shawerma and sweets shops have sprung up across Jordan to the delight of locals.

Middle East

Syrian refugees find normalcy in football

The sport is increasingly being used as a distraction from the strains of life for young refugees.


Jordan's Circassians balk at Sochi Olympics

The group indigenous to Russia's Caucasus regions demands recognition for ethnic cleansing carried out 150 years ago.


Water pipe ban lights up Jordan's smokers

Enforcing a ban on argileh, or shisha, re-ignites the smoking debate in Amman's cafe culture.


Volunteers treat Jordan's Syrian refugees

A medical-humanitarian team struggles to provide care to Jordan's widespread Syrian refugee communities.

Business & Economy

Jordan yearns for Chinese investment

China has reciprocated Jordan's interest, seeing it as a stable gateway into Middle Eastern markets.


Refugee influx worsens Jordan's water woes

Thousands fleeing war in Syria have compounded shortages.


Cheap tobacco lights up controversy in Jordan

Tobacco companies blame smuggling for falling cigarette prices, but health groups say these claims are puffed up.

US & Canada

Bottled water companies target minorities

A recent study found that Latino and black parents are much more likely to choose bottled water over tap water.


Syria's humanitarian crisis intensifies

The humanitarian crisis in Syria worsens as the UN Security Council remains unwilling - or unable - to act.