Elizabeth Dunningham


Hope for UK's lost generation?

Kneejerk condemnations have drowned out any soul-searching about what has emboldened Britain's youths to rage against the system.

Middle East

Tunisia: Then and now

The night after President Ben Ali fled the country, gun battles raged in Tunis, but a fervent optimism prevailed. Today, the optimism is tempered with the worry of many unanswered questions.


Fighting the Greek meltdown

Activists are protesting the effects of the financial bailout in Greece - and taking matters into their own hands.


On board the climate express

Al Jazeera followed diplomats and activists taking a carbon-free route to Copenhagen.


Burning issue of Spain's wetlands

EU demands answers as over-irrigation dries out rare wetlands and sets them on fire.

Poverty & Development

Vulnerable hit by Latvia cash cuts

Latvia's economic woes hit healthcare and education as spending cuts take hold.


Baltic Way protest remembered

Thousands mark 1989 event when two million people protested against Soviet rule.


Goals give hope to troubled UK town

Al Jazeera revisits Luton, where football is helping to revive a struggling economy.