Donatella Della Ratta


Fighting ISIL through TV drama: The case of Black Crows

Analysis: A Ramadan soap opera that attempts to deter people from ISIL gets mired in stereotypes instead.


ISIL and western media: Accidental allies?

ISIL's alleged influence on social networking sites might be the result of western hype.

War & Conflict

Against the odds: Syria's flourishing mediascape

Syrian media entrepreneurs have broken the government's monopoly over information.

Science & Technology

'Occupy' the commons

A new wave of occupations redefines citizenship and political participation in Italy, as elections fast approach.

Syria's Civil War

Syrian TV drama provides ineffective release valve

Taboo-breaking TV show once seen as harbinger of political reform looks old-fashioned today in light of the uprising.


Syria: The virtue of civil disobedience

Civil disobedience is the only way to mobilise people in big cities that are deemed to be regime strongholds in Syria.

Arts & Culture

Creative resistance challenges Syria's regime

Activists online TV programmes, puppet shows and paper newspapers to spread information and mock the elite.

Arts & Culture

'Occupy' culture enters Roman theatre

As a result of privatisation and downsizing, Italian communities have taken culture into their own hands.