Divya Gopalan

Asia Pacific

South Korea economy hit by Beijing boycott

The deployment of missile defence system known as THAAD in South Korea has angered China, which says it is a threat to its security. Beijing is urging its citizens to boycott South Korean goods. That is affecting tourism and even national TV.

Asia Pacific

South Koreans wary of North Korea threat

North Korea's missile and nuclear programmes have caused fear across South Korea. But for many, the threat of attack from the north is a simple fact of everyday life.

Asia Pacific

Americans in Seoul reflect on Trump's North Korea policy

United States has played a key role in defending and developing South Korea since its formation. Any US foreign policy concerning North Korea is bound to have a direct impact on its southern neighbour.

Arts & Culture

Hong Kong’s film industry set to revive itself with new talent

Many young new directors are making their debut at this year’s international film festival. Hong Kong-made films are stealing the show. It is hoped home-grown talent telling local stories will revive the semi-autonomous

Arts & Culture

Artists create 'Outside art' in Hong Kong

April is Art Month in Hong Kong. Armed with cans of spray paint, local and international artists have created an outdoor exhibition along the sides of buildings in a struggling, industrial area. Al Jazeera’s Divya Gopalan reports from Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong: Concern over plans to revamp old airport area

Hong Kong's government has laid out a redevelopment plan, which involves pulling down old buildings to make way for luxury high rises in the neighbourhood surrounding the old airport.

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Concerns over China's potential influence in Hong Kong vote

Candidates for Hong Kong's chief executive are getting ready for their biggest and most important debate. They will be grilled for two hours on live TV on Tuesday on what they can do for the people of Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong documentary uncovers lost history

They are called Hong Kong's darkest days, but there's little evidence the 1967 riots ever took place. A documentary maker has spent four years trying to piece together what happened during the seven months of unrest.

Arts & Culture

India turns shipping containers into 'vessels of art'

With the help of local and international artists, residents of Oklha have transformed their community into art havens.


School for India's nomadic tribes struggles to survive

Kerala's youngest tribal school opened just three months ago, but already its future is in question.


Q&A: Hong Kong protester

Al Jazeera's Divya Gopalan talks to Arthur Lo about their movement for universal suffrage in Hong Kong.


Thousands return to streets to protest in Hong Kong

Protesters carrying yellow umbrellas march through main financial district demanding greater democracy.