Dinesh Sharma


Rape of Draupadi: Why Indian democracy has failed women

Indians pray to goddesses in temples, but "abuse women in the domestic sphere", notes author.

US & Canada

Cultural diffusion of news: New blood in the American News Media

Rather than shunning it, the United States should welcome Al Jazeera to its local media.


Hollywood unveils how the CIA nabbed Geronimo

As a wartime story about a special operation, which killed bin Laden, "Zero Dark Thirty" represents a cultural narrative


After superstorm Sandy, climate change debate stalls in Doha

The devastating impact of climate change on the world economy has risen to 1.6 per cent of global GDP.


Indian-Americans back Obama in a big way

Asian-Americans approve of Obama's performance more than the national average and rate Romney considerably poorly.


Romney folds on foreign policy

Romney agrees with many, if not all, of the major foreign policy initiatives that Obama has put forward, writes Sharma.


'No apology' tour meets 'no drama' Obama

Obama's foreign policy record is the best defence in the face of any attack Romney or his advisers can throw his way.


Obama must fight back against blowback and bluster

Obama changed the tone and rhetoric of the "war on terror", yet escalated drone attacks, going after high value targets.

Business & Economy

Romney takes on Big Bird but not the big issues

The presidential debate in Denver was underwhelming in regards to discussing the big issues plaguing America.


Myanmarese dove flying high with the eagle, elephant and dragon

Suu Kyi is paving the way for a newly democratic Myanmar.