David Tolbert


How to end war crimes and serve justice in Syria

An independent mechanism established by the UNGA is working towards abolishing the reign of criminal impunity in Syria.


Tunisia's Black Book: transparency or witch-hunt?

The black list stirred a wide controversy, while many fear it could undermine the process of transitional justice.


The impact of Charles Taylor's verdict

The ICTY appeal has set a precedent for impossible standards, writes author.


Can international justice foster reconciliation?

Reconciliation should focus on what it takes to restore the trust of citizens in each other - and in the state itself.


Kenya's truth commission must act now to salvage credibility

Kenya's truth commission could have made a valuable contribution to its future by honouring victims of past violence.


The UN must act decisively to uphold the rule of law

The UN General Assembly has a real chance for change in its upcoming meeting on the rule of law.


International justice system blossoms

No longer can war criminals expect amnesty 'for the sake of peace', no longer are victims asked to forget.