David Lepeska

David Lepeska, a freelance journalist based in Istanbul, has written for The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Guardian, The Financial Times and other outlets. His work focuses on Turkey and the Middle East. 

War & Conflict

Ankara bombing and the failing Turkish state

The first responsibility of a state is to protect its citizens.


Another dark moment for the Turkish media

In an increasingly volatile Turkey, the takeover of Zaman marks the latest blow in the battle between Erdogan and Gulen.


Turkey is sinking into the quagmire of Syria

With urban conflicts and major terrorist attacks, Turkey is looking more and more like its war-ravaged neighbour.


Kurds in Turkey: Caught in the crossfire

The Turkish state's battle with the PKK in urban districts across the southeast imperils locals and chances of peace.

War & Conflict

Middle East: A breeding place for war

One hundred years after the inception of Sykes-Picot, world powers are back fighting over the same spit of land.


Can Turkey stem the refugee tide?

After lengthy negotiations, Ankara and the EU finalised their refugee deal. Now comes the hard part.

War & Conflict

Paris attacks boost expectations in Turkey's G20 summit

G20 leaders gather along the Mediterranean to tackle the world's most vexing problems - none looms larger than Syria.


A mountain to climb for Turkey's liberals and leftists

Amid rising violence and a crackdown on free speech, critics raise their voices - but remain pessimistic about the vote.

War & Conflict

Turkey's missed opportunity

Rather than compelling Turks to unite, the Ankara bombing looks set to deepen the fissures in Turkish society.

War & Conflict

Turkey's bounty hunters

Turkey's bold, risky payout plan to catch suspected terrorists may backfire.


Turkey's summer of mayhem

Living in Turkey today means experiencing a creeping sense of dread - a sense that the animals have the run of the zoo.

War & Conflict

Ankara on the fence

Turkey abolished one caliphate in 1924 - now it's time to help get rid of another.