Dave Zirin


How a tragic football riot may have revived the Egyptian revolution

After 74 people were killed in a riot in Port Said, football fans have united in the face of police inaction.

US & Canada

The death of Socrates: celebrating a legend

More than just a football star, Socrates was also a fearless dissenter against Brazil's military dictatorship.


NBA lockout ends, players get played

The end of the NBA lockout has left fans disappointed over the delay and the money sharing of the 1 per cent.


The world Joe Pa made

Sympathies for Joe Paterno, former Penn State coach, are blinded by the real issue of overlooking child abuse.


Joe Pa and the sick logic of college football

An assistant football coach at Penn State has been charged with child rape, but higher-ups looked the other way.

US & Canada

Why John Carlos and Tommie Smith still matter

The strong political statement that was made on Mexico's Olympic Games podium is still relevant today.

US & Canada

Athletic excellence at the Women's World Cup

Intense public interest proves there is a market for women's sports beyond the sometimes raunchy magazine spreads.


John Mackey: The death of a sporting legend

A tribute to American footballer John Mackey, who fought for the rights of players as individuals - not commodities.

US & Canada

Dodgers' bankruptcy reveals much about the US

The Dodgers team has a long, iconic history in America - making it hard for fans to accept the fact they are bankrupt.

Muhammad Ali

When Muhammad Ali took the real heavy weight

On June 20, 1967, the great Muhammad Ali was convicted in Houston for refusing induction in the US armed forces.

US & Canada

Iran's women footballers: Let them play

Only in a world so upside down could the "Beautiful Game" be used as an instrument of Islamophobia.

Latin America

Brazil's disappearing favelas

Infrastructure demanded by the sporting world's most powerful corporate interests render families homeless in Brazil.