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Human Rights

In Pictures: 'Chocolate City'

African migrants in China comprise perhaps two percent of Guangzhou’s 13 million residents but still face difficulties.

Arts & Culture

The Kingdom of Women

High in the Chinese mountains lies a matriarchal society known for free love and fire dances.

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In Pictures: Clubbing in Shanghai

Shanghai's nouveau riche are busy re-cementing the city's reputation as home to some of the world's wildest nightlife.

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In Pictures: The 'sea gypsies' of Myanmar

Nomads living on the waters off of southern Myanmar find their lifestyle threatened by overfishing and illegal trawling.

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In pictures: China's village of salt

Nuodeng enjoyed centuries of prosperity thanks to its wealth of salt, which is still a major source of income today.

Poverty & Development

Chongqing's 'Bang Bang Army'

Freelance Chinese labourers must endure gruelling work with little pay.

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In pictures: Damming Laos' Mekong River

The landlocked country is building several huge dams, displacing hundreds and unsettling environmentalists.

Arts & Culture

Finding a spouse in a Chinese marriage market

Thousands of singles search for partners each Sunday at a park-based marriage market in bustling Shanghai.

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In Pictures: Cashing in on 'The Lady'

In Myanmar, a thriving cottage industry has sprung up around the image of pro-democracy activist Aung San Suu Kyi.

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In Pictures: Monks march in Myanmar

Buddhist monks stage demonstration as country tests boundaries of freedom amid ongoing reforms.

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In pictures: The changing face of Shanghai

While Shanghai has experienced an economic boom, many remain struggling with poverty.

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In Pictures: Killing time in Japan cat cafés

Lonely hearts pay for feline friendship during hour-long sessions in cat-filled coffee shops.