Daoud Kuttab

Daoud Kuttab, an award-winning Palestinian journalist, is a former Ferris professor of journalism at Princeton University.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

To make peace in Middle East, start from the end

Donald Trump may have a unique opportunity to provide a blueprint for an 'ultimate deal' between Israel and Palestine.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

US and Israel join forces to bury Palestinian statehood

Trump and Netanyahu are trying to push a more blatant and legalised form of apartheid on the Palestinian people.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

The US embassy's move to Jerusalem won't happen soon

Israel may choose to trade Trump's offer to move the US embassy to Jerusalem for a yet to be known political advantage.


What should Palestinians expect from 2017?

While Palestine will be busy with various internal changes, very little is expected to end the occupation.

Middle East

Fatah will give Abbas an honourable exit

Fatah's seventh congress will throw more light on who will be Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' successor.


How NATO can help Syrian civilians

Many Syrian lives could be saved if NATO would share information they have from the sky.


East Jerusalem's elections are more than symbolic

Even a "shadow" municipal council could help solve some major problems in East Jerusalem.

Human Rights

On its 11th birthday, BDS leads nonviolent resistance

The movement provides a platform for the aspirations of Palestinians without taking any political sides.

War & Conflict

Israel and Palestine: Breaking the cycle of violence

The attack on Israelis in a Tel Aviv cafe reflects the frustration that Palestinians experience on a daily basis.


Israel's attempts to monopolise Jerusalem will fail

The struggle for the heart of Jerusalem and for the sympathy of its visitors is still wide open.

Human Rights

More freedom of expression for the Middle East

Values of freedom and human rights must be reflected in the West's relations with the Middle East.

War & Conflict

France, US and the phantom of the two-state solution

The violence on the ground has not urged officials to reinitiate the peace talks, so why now?