Dan Hind

US & Canada

Trolling and equality in the public sphere

Dealing with online abuse against women will require major changes to the structure of the media.


The new news: media reform in Croatia

A pilot program allowing popular agendas to shape the questions the media asks is underway in Croatia.

US & Canada

PRISM: The dangerous agents of authorised institutions

Prism is worrying because of its degree of interference in civil society.

US & Canada

NSA to Americans: 'All your data are belong to us!'

We will only understand the media when we appreciate the extent to which they are the creatures of state power.

US & Canada

Bradley Manning: Enlisting the enlightenment

Pfc Manning's trial shows there may be danger in using reason to think for ourselves.


Varieties of unreason

Is it time we started to treat Richard Dawkins' account of the world with a little more rational scepticism?


Thatcher's funeral: Queen breaks the tradition

Radical constitutional reform can become central to the cause of deep structural change in the British political system.

United Kingdom

Just whose crisis is this?

Resolving the current crisis will take more than evidence of incompetence and criminality in the ruling elite.

United Kingdom

If you want democracy to work, you have to make work democratic

Power without responsibility is the innate feature of our rulers; the rest live lives of responsibility without power.

US & Canada

The government of science

In order to have a say in objectives of science, we must exercise some direct control over how funds are distributed.

Business & Economy

Seriously, what's so funny about a trillion dollar coin?

Our natural reluctance to consider how banks make money has been encouraged by the silence of those we trust.

US & Canada

Which way to the information commons?

The temptation of insiders to "control and manipulate information" is open to challenge by an "inrush of outsiders".