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Is BP 'trolling' its Facebook critics?

Has BP hired internet "trolls" to threaten critics of its handling of the 2010 oil disaster?


BP's 'widespread human health crisis'

Toxicologists 'predicted with certainty' that Gulf of Mexico residents and clean-up workers would become severely ill.


Gulf ecosystem in crisis after BP spill

Three years after well blowout, declining seafood catches and deformities point to an environment in distress.


BP's silent disaster

2010 oil spill has left a legacy of psychological and social problems among residents in the impact zone.


Jordan to host 'world's largest refugee camp'

As violence in Syria continues, the al-Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan is on pace to become the largest in the world.

Human Rights

Iraq's invisible refugee crisis

As violence in Iraq reaches levels not seen in years, untold numbers of Iraqis are once again seeking refuge elsewhere.


Iraq: The deadliest war for journalists

More journalists were killed during the US-led invasion and occupation of Iraq than in any war in history.

Human Rights

Maliki's Iraq: Rape, executions and torture

Iraq is wracked by detentions, torture, and executions, and fingers are pointing at Prime Minister Maliki.


Iraq: War's legacy of cancer

Two US-led wars in Iraq have left behind hundreds of tonnes of depleted uranium munitions and other toxic wastes.

Human Rights

IDP's finding little refuge in Iraq

More than one million displaced Iraqis continue to languish without government aid.


Human Rights for US Disabled?

While the US has historically led in disability rights, critical barriers remain.


2012: A Year of Human Rights Challenges

As Human Rights violations continue around the world, will 2013 be a better year?