Courtney E Martin


Internet access: Blessing or curse?

For Idjwi, an island on the Rwanda-DRC border, isolation has been a gift.

US & Canada

Breaking partisan gridlock over a cup of tea

As the US heads towards political gridlock, frustrated citizens turn to each other to bridge the partisan divide.


The problem with philanthropy

Wealthy donors and those to whom they give often operate on two different planes of reality that rarely collide.

Arts & Culture

Helen Thomas taught me that being liked isn't everything

Thomas left behind a legacy that challenges the perception of how women in media should act.


V-Day: One billion 'rising' against women abuse

One in three - more than one billion - women and girls on the planet are beaten or raped during their lifetime.


Building a slower, longer fire among the digital flares

Many young and promising Tibetans are relying on ancient fire rather than modern social media to express their outrage.