Clive Stafford Smith

Clive Stafford Smith is the founder of the legal action charity Reprieve.

Death penalty

The death penalty in the US is like a dying dinosaur

It may be doomed to be extinct but it is still deadly - with eight executions planned over 10 days in Arkansas.

Guantanamo Bay

How will Guantanamo be remembered?

It is 2046 and Clive Stafford Smith has returned to Guantanamo, where his clients were once imprisoned and tortured.

Battle for Aleppo

Reporting from the ground in times of war

Courageous endeavours of journalists in Aleppo deliver the news we hear today.


A history of torture

Clive Stafford Smith examines our inventive capacity for inflicting pain and terror on our fellow human.


Adel: A decade of injustice

Adel al-Gazzar has undergone a decade-long ordeal involving detention without trial, torture and medical malpractice.


Death penalty 'utterly barbaric'

Lawyer Clive Stafford Smith explains his life-long opposition to capital punishment.