Christian Christensen


Dead journalists and collective responsibility

Asking why journalists are killed can lead to painful answers.


Exceptions to the democratic rule

Pretending that democracies and authoritarian regimes have nothing in common does no one any favours.

US & Canada

More Guantanamo and global warming, less Amanda Knox and Justin Bieber

Eight stories that deserve more media coverage than they received in the US.


Turkey's negative media image: It is not a conspiracy

Charges of 'Orientalism' ring hollow in light of the civil rights abuses committed by PM Erdogan's government.


The decline of bin Laden's Sweden

As economic interests trump human rights, the idea of utopian Sweden becomes increasingly faint and fragmented.


What happens after journalists leave the violence?

The news media have a responsibility to their readers to cover important events even after they drop off the front page.


WikiLeaks and Anonymous respond to status quo journalism

Wikileaks and Anonymous challenge global hegemonies of power and the popular narratives that underpin them.