Charles Davis


War was 'devastating to America' - and Iraq

A costly and deadly war, unlike a healthcare overhaul, provides more justification for shutting down the government.

US & Canada

To the right and centre-right, Chelsea Manning is an LGBTraitor

Chelsea Manning's announcement as transgender has not only riled the right, but created an unexpected backlash.

US & Canada

Sharing science is a crime

The more one shares, the more one undermines a future patent application and a system that encourages privatisation.


It's not always right to keep your word

There’s nothing virtuous about keeping a powerful liar’s secret, and those in power should learn from whistle-blowers.


Chuck Hagel: 'Less war, more diplomacy'?

The US secretary of defence has faithfully implemented the war policies of the "war president" who chose him.


Barack Obama and his enabling opposition

Lessening the need to "send our troops into harm's way" may actually increase the odds of future military interventions.


The liberal presidency

Liberals comfortable with Obama's presidency - marred with death and debt - show the limits of political liberalism.

US & Canada

Bigotry for broadcast

Demagogues come in different flavours, but they share a lot of the same basic ingredients.

Latin America

The West goes to pot

Medical marijuana is a legitimate way to cope with various ails, so why fuss over a plant in the ground? Asks author.


Preying on the prayerful

Killings in the US are condemned, while American violence abroad is ignored or glorified.


Should the Democrats be taken over?

The election result in November will be as consequential as who wins the World Series.


Nicaragua's 'revolutionary' drug war

Ortega's fixation on getting support for the 'war on drugs' may simply be an attempt to appeal to social conservatives.